Directory of Allies

Working on to fight climate change? Looking for advice, inspiration, or team members? These allies have shared their information so that they can be included in these grassroots efforts!

To be included in this directory email me the answer to these questions at Margaret (AT)

Susan Cahalan

Mendon, MA USA

Susancahalan (AT)

1)    Current projects/ groups engaged with:

Day Job: Geologist and Environmental Consultant

Graduate teaching fellow in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Harvard University. Academic research in geological sciences (current projects include geothermal energy and aquifer characterization as a basis for groundwater management on oceanic carbonate islands); Extension School (Part Time). Facebook page: parents against climate change. Blog (freshly minted):

2) Skills and Expertise:  Research, writing, editing, technical consulting

3) Area(s) of academic training: Geology, Sustainability and environmental Management

4) Area(s) of particular interest: Worldview change through education and activism, children.

Peter Carter

British Columbia Canada

petercarter46 (AT)

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with: Climate Emergency Institute and I manage a suite of climate change websites.

2) Skills and Expertise: Human behavior (retired MD); Environmental health protection policy; Total committed global climate change – my topic of academic presentation.

3) Area(s) of academic training: MD

4) Area(s) of particular interest: Committed climate change; Climate change food insecurity; Arctic multi-feedback runaway global climate change; Climate change risk



Cellomomcars (AT)  facebook page

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with: Blog: CelloMom on Cars  

2) Skills and Expertise: Love the written word. Effective data presentation. Former research physicist. Limited HTML experience. Fluent in English and Dutch.

3) Area(s) of academic training: Physics

4) Area(s) of particular interest: Energy efficiency; resilience; transportation

Dave Hampton

Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK

Dave (AT)

1)    Current projects: the “Chartered Environmentalist” professional qualification, the carbon coach, building coalitions e.g.”C&C” (C&C = contraction and convergence as proposed by the Global Commons Inst.)  and Eradicating Ecocide, Embercombe, Marlow FM radio, helping UK Green Party win MEP seats in EU, socialised media, joining choirs, cheerleader for renewables, leading a low carbon lifestyle at home: the Marlow Superhome.  Blog  Facebook groups including “Trees Have Rights Too”, I Love Marlow, C&C is beautiful,  Frack Free Marlow, Transition Town Marlow…

2) Skills and Expertise: coaching, communication, Charterer Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist, climate comedy, casual alliteration 

3) Areas of academic study:  Engineering Tripos degree at Cambridge University.  (Later, self-taught in psychology and philosophy.)

4) Areas of particular interest: individual action and setting a happy low carbon lifestyle example, inspirational leadership, symbolic leadership, first follower-ship, transformation, peaceful protest, resurgence.

Richard Jefferies

Frederick, Maryland


1) Current Projects: Various movie and TV projects in US and China.

2) Skills and Expertise:  Screenwriter (WGA member, 28 paid Hollywood studio projects, 11 produced), film producer, director (DGA member), editor, visual effects, cinematography, organic gardening, green building.

3)Areas of academic study:  BFA, California Institute of the Arts.  Meditator since age 18.

4)Areas of particular interest: Sustainable agriculture, heirloom crops and heritage animal breeds, farmland/wildland preservation/restoration, biochar production, hempcrete, hemp growing, groundloop geothermal heating/AC, solar/wind energy production, electric vehicles, fermentation, local banking, fossil fuel divestment, high speed rail, walkable cities, no TPP, moving beyond capitalism, undermining dark forces in the human race.

I am looking to shift the use of my skills from the “distraction industry” (entertainment) to the task of widespread enlightenment and implementation of practical solutions to global warming, eco-destruction, social justice, wealth inequality and institutionalized insanity.

Eric Krasnauskas
Boston, USA
eric (AT)
1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with:, Somerville Academy for Innovative Leadership
2) Skills and Expertise: game design, writing, memes, photoshop, project management, public speaking, strategy, tutoring
3) Area(s) of academic training:  Computer and Systems Engineering, academic tutoring (high school and below)
4) Area(s) of particular interest:  Climate change, the Limits of Growth, peak oil, permaculture, cultural philosophy, public outreach
 Kim Kendall, Ph.D.

Mercer Island, WA (Seattle area)


1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with:   TIMI – Transition Initiative Mercer Island – We have a small steering committee that has worked on a variety of projects with other ad hoc members depending on the issue that include:  A community solar array, starting a timebank, supporting a local plastic bag ban, pushing our local school system to build in more sustainable features into their long-term school enlargement plans.

This year we are going to host with the city a Community Planning Forum on Climate Adaptation with invited speakers, city & local green group presentations, followed by discussion groups to explore assets, vulnerabilities, and develop a long-term vision and plan for increased resiliency in our community using a neighborhood orientation.  We hope to also introduce the use of a “community planning” process that can continue forward as an ongoing way to involve community members in city decision making and vice versa.

2) Skills and Expertise:  Strategy planning; writing; research; making connections with our local city representatives and other local green groups (not really social media as I and my fellow activists are mostly too old, 60-70 to make good use of Facebook or Twitter).  I am good with branding and developing nice materials for events, groups, newsletters, etc.  I have a significant library of technical resources re: alternative energy, medicine, gardening, economic alternatives like Timebanks and so forth, etc.  Other more random skills involve bike repair, sewing, rudimentary gardening, chicken care, composting, canning and cooking. I speak English and a little French and even less Italian.  I do photography informally.

3) Area(s) of academic training:  Clinical Psychology, family systems, adolescence, parenting, cognitive behavioral therapy skills-based approaches.

4) Areas of particular interest:  Helping others develop a detailed vision of a sustainable community and the various systems that would be incorporated into a more resilient community;  how to approach those that are reluctant to fully acknowledge the future we now face and therefore the need to adopt different values and goals (short and long-term) about work, home, pleasure and future plans.

Margaret Klein

New York City (Brooklyn), USA

Margaret (at)

1) Current projects: Developing the Human Climate Pledge strategy for building a social movement. Blog: The Climate Psychologist Facebook Group: Climate Change, It’s Personal

2) Skills and Expertise:  Understanding people, especially through clinical psychology; anthropology; writing and editing; organizing.

3) Areas of academic study: Clinical Psychology (Psychodynamic) and Cultural Anthropology.

4) Areas of particular interest: Social movement strategies; the emotional elements of climate change; a WWII style mobilization.

Barbara Murphy Krueger

Cottonwood, AZ and Pocono Lake, PA

Bkrueger (AT)

1) Current Projects: I am currently working with and Keystone XL pipeline resistance and will be submitting my master’s thesis this spring.

2)  Skills/expertise: education, writing/editing and research. I have taught environmental science and physics at the tertiary level.

3) Academic training: My undergraduate degree is in biology; my MA will be in education.

4) Area of interest: my current interest/thesis focus is in Climate Change Communication and Education.

  Daria Kurkjy

Sammamish, WA  (greater Seattle area)

dariakurkjy (AT)

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with:  Facebook – Climate Change:  It’s Personal;

2) Skills and Expertise:  Human being who has read extensively about climate change and related issues and who cares passionately about leaving a habitable planet for future generations.

3) Area(s) of academic training: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (Pace University); MBA (UCLA)

4) Area(s) of particular interest:  Anything I can do to make a difference in the most important issue human civilization has ever faced.

Larry Lazar

St. Louis, MO, USA

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with:  Moderator/owner GWFofD Facebook Group and website, Climate Leader and Mentor for The Climate Reality Project, organizer for “Climate Reality-St. Louis meetup group.

2) Skills and Expertise: I have 30 years of experience in sales management and operations for a global consumer product company (Energizer Holdings).  The last 15 years I have been in various Operations roles with responsibility over both the US and Canada.  .   My specific skills are:  Planning, Organization, Budgeting, Communications and Operations

3) Area(s) of academic training:   My academic training is in Business Administration (BS from Ferris State University), however, I have been involved fairly deeply in the climate issue for over 5 years now

4) Area(s) of particular interest: climate change communication, climate solutions and re-establishing our democracy

Hans Jørgen (Joergen) Rasmussen

Narvik, Northern Norway

hjrasmus21(AT)  Facebook Profile Linkedin profile: Skype: hjr8520

1) Current Projects Developing a blog in Norwegian language, based on The Climate Psychologist. My Blog: Klimautfordringen og deg!

Trying by all means available to make the Norwegian people aware of the threats and solutions of Climate Change. Lecturing, writing, publishing on blog and Facebook.  Trying to be a co-moderator for the Facebook group Climate Change, It’s Personal    My Slideshare:

2) Skills and Expertise:  Organizational psychology, Clinical psychology, Group processes, Education, Teaching, development of educational programs, Teambuilding, Management training, Recruitment; Art Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom,(Galleries at: http://www.i and  );  Videography, Video editing, Video Subtitling and subtitle editing. Software: WordPress, Microsoft Office, Languages: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, English, German and partly French

3) Areas of academic study: Clinical Psychology and Organizational psychology.

4) Areas of particular interest: Social movement strategies; the emotional elements of climate change; a WWII style mobilization. find the most efficient ways of awakening the population of Norway to the Climate Challenge, constantly looking out for new ways of passing the important messages, hopefully making sure they are making a positive motivational impact» .In short: «Searching to maximize impact of what I do»

Kai Reimer-Watts

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with: I am engaged with a bunch of different groups working to take tangible action on climate change, while finishing a Master of Climate Change (MCC) program here at the University of Waterloo (UW). I am affiliated with Our Horizon, a Canadian nonprofit organization advocating for visual climate change warning labels on gas pumps (, and am leading the Our Horizon UW Club here on campus. I am also a member of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) Waterloo, which writes in op-eds and lobbies our Members of Parliament to consider a carbon tax. I am helping to start up a fossil fuel divestment campaign at UW, which is a new venture this semester. And I am busy trying to start a business that serves as a gateway to collaborative research, consulting and discourse around global environmental change, connecting like-minded individuals/professionals in this area, ‘Do Better’ (stay tuned). So, it’s a busy semester.

2) Skills and Expertise: Feel free to describe in your own words, but could include: Communication, Leadership, Drive, Compassion. It’s of course difficult to narrow down skill sets in this broad area to a handful of words, particularly as my skills and interests span an equally broad spectrum. I approach the issue of climate change, and global environmental change, from a fairly interdisciplinary perspective, recognizing the role of many different skill sets in transforming culture and society. I love everything from critical, academic research to “culture jamming” by working with the arts and multimedia to explore alternative worldviews and lifestyles. Music, academia, fine art, writing, software design etc. all factor into my skills and interests.

3) Area(s) of academic training: I have an Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) and am on my way to completing a Master of Climate Change (MCC) by September of 2014. Having the two gives me a broad perspective on the role both approaches to understanding our world play in shaping it.

4) Area(s) of particular interest: Global environmental change, including planetary boundaries, and visualization/communication techniques that can be used to help us better “see the invisible”. Connecting transformative change to our sense of humanity/values, and deeper questions about how we wish to live our lives, what makes us happy, and what our relationship is to the world around us. Engaging many voices in a broader conversation about change that would otherwise often be left out, and using social media and other similar platforms as avenues to help democratize the conversation. Besides all this, I am intensely curious about the world around me, and for all its troubles, still find it immensely beautiful/incredible – it is finding and reaffirming this beauty that will give us all something to strive towards.

 Rebecca Selove

Nashville, TN, USA

rebecca.selove (AT)

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with:  Northwest Earth Institute, Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects

2) Skills and Expertise: Feel free to describe in your own words, but could include:  Licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in individual, couples, and family therapy; grant writing; group and workshop facilitation; connected to local organic farming community, LEED home building and remodeling

3) Area(s) of academic training: Ph.D. in Clinical and Social Psychology, Masters of Public Health  (Behavioral Science/Health Education)

4) Area(s) of particular interest: Ecopsychology, community building, transition communities

 Sandy Turner

Redwood Valley   CA, Turtle Island

peace  AT

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with:  Mendocino Environmental Center,  Transition Ukiah Valley,  Mendo Free Skool, Ukiah Unified Schools, and the California Conservation Corps John Muir High School.  I help  to create classes and Skill Shares and Really Really Free Markets, and do lots of gardening.

2) Skills and Expertise: Experience in creating and working in worker-owned cooperatives.  Commercial truck driver, teacher (especially interested in student-empowered schools where kids have an equal say in the running of the school and in creating their education, i.e. democratic schools), secretarial and accounting skills, gardening, and listening.

3) Area(s) of academic training:  Biology and Liberal Arts major.  California Multiple Subject teaching credential, mostly teaching independent study kids.

4) Area(s) of particular interest: Doing my best to help end capitalism in this decade.  Most people don’t know that the Time magazine Man of the Century, Albert Einstein, was a socialist and wrote a magazine article (called “Why Socialism”) around 1949.  I think   Capitalism : the Biosphere    as fire : gasoline

Jessica Colette Vogt

Toronto, Canada

vogt.jessica (AT)

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with: Involved with Volunteer for OurHorizon and Greenpeace. Part of the Facebook group Climate Change: it’s personal. I’m going to create a blog soon to talk about well being, compassion, vulnerability, activism and climate change. Also, I want to create workshops about vulnerability/activism/climate change in the near future.

Day job: Bilingual Membership Records Assistant

2) Skills and Expertise: Fluent in French, English and French Sign Language. Writing, Editing. MailChimp. Photography. Plays guitar.

3) Area(s) of academic training: Bachelor in Library Sciences.

4) Area(s) of particular interest: understanding people, raising awareness, want to combine psychology and climate change by creating workshops, vulnerability (huge fan of Brené Brown), compassion, non violent communication, environmental activism, permaculture, the Transition movement.

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