Directory Questions

Questions for the Directory:


Location (City and Country, ideally, or just Country.):

How to contact you: (Probably your e-mail. But could be a link to your website or Facebook if you prefer.)

1) Current projects/ groups you are engaged with:

2) Skills and Expertise: Feel free to describe in your own words, but could include:

Technical (Programming or advanced WordPress capabilities) ; Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc;  Traditional Media expertise and connections ;  Leadership (Managing and Coordinating People); Design; Legal ; Administrative/ Secretarial ; Theater/ Performance Photography or Videography ; Fundraising ; Writing and editing ; Research; Languages spoken.

3) Area(s) of academic training:

4) Area(s) of particular interest:


For an example, here is my directory entry:

Margaret Klein

New York City (Brooklyn), USA

Margaret (at)

1) Current projects: Developing the Human Climate Pledge strategy for building a social movement. Blog: The Climate Psychologist Facebook Group: Climate Change, It’s Personal

2) Skills and Expertise:  Understanding people, especially through clinical psychology; anthropology; writing and editing; organizing.

3) Areas of academic study: Clinical Psychology (Psychodynamic) and Cultural Anthropology.

4) Areas of particular interest: Social movement strategies; the emotional elements of climate change; a WWII style mobilization.


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