Job: Outreach Coordinator

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Title Outreach Coordinator
Categories Fundraising, Outreach
Start Date 2015-01-12
End Date 2015-02-12
Location United States
Job Information

As Outreach Coordinator, you keep the Mobilization organized and running smoothly. You serve as part of the backbone of the organization, and will make sure that all newcomers are properly attended to.



• Assign Point People (Based on geographic location, shared interest, andavailability)  to those who submit a “Speak with a Mobilizer” Form
• Monitor those contacts—making sure that people are followed up with and don’t fall through the cracks
• Create call lists of petition signers, assign them to Point People.
• Monitor those contacts—making sure that all petition signers get called.
• Create and monitor a schedule for manning the “live chat”
• Train new recruiters in how to conduct outreach

Necessary Skills:
• Ability to handle large amounts of information in organized,systematic, and consistent way
• Ability to monitor outreach status daily.
• Some technical ability and willingness to learn/ become familiar with NationBuilder.
• Ability to train and manage people troubleshoot problems.
• Personable.


Time Commitment: 7-10 hours/ week.

This is an unpaid volunteer position.





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