Top 5 Posts/ Pieces of Writing

Welcome! This blog is mainly inactive at present.
Here are 5 posts/ pieces of writing through the years.

  1. Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: a New Strategy for the Climate Movement. ( Full length essay. Published 2016, updated 2019). Fun fact:  The Federalist credits Leading the Public into Emergency Mode as “writing the script for the play” of Extinction Rebellion and Sunrise!)
  2. My radical self-help book: Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth (2020) A free chapter is available for download!
  3. The Transformative Power of Climate Truth: Ecological Awakening in the Trump Age (Full Length Essay/ Manifesto. Published 2015, updated 2017)
  4.  Living in Climate Truth (2013) This is an actual blog post, not a full length essay!
  5. Ask a Climate Psychologist: My Partner and I are Considering Having Kids…  ( Advice Column, 2020)

One thought on “Top 5 Posts/ Pieces of Writing”

  1. The psychology of responding to the Global Warming dilemma has long fascinated me. As a long-term climate activist involved in the UN Earth Charter initiative at the turn of this century I tried to do my part by learning more and writing, as well as doing numerous public presentations and keynote speeches. I’ve followed and leaned from a few eco-psychologists but their presence and influence in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast is still pretty minuscule. Glad to have found you. You make a lot of sense and help me to better understand why humans are reacting so incongruously by committing ecocide.

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