5 Posts to get you up to speed

New to The Climate Psychologist? Welcome! Very glad to have you. If you are feeling lost, I recommend you read these posts first:


  1. The Transformative Power of Climate Truth: Ecological Awakening in the Trump Age (The closest thing I have to a manifesto. Updated 10/2017)
  2.  Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: a New Strategy for the Climate Movement. (A psychologically informed strategy.)
  3. The Case for Mobilization (Deep dive into the need for Mobilization. Written by Ezra Silk, and myself.)
  4.  Living in Climate Truth
  5. What Climate Change Asks of Us: Moral obligation, Mobilization, and Crisis Communication




One thought on “5 Posts to get you up to speed”

  1. The psychology of responding to the Global Warming dilemma has long fascinated me. As a long-term climate activist involved in the UN Earth Charter initiative at the turn of this century I tried to do my part by learning more and writing, as well as doing numerous public presentations and keynote speeches. I’ve followed and leaned from a few eco-psychologists but their presence and influence in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast is still pretty minuscule. Glad to have found you. You make a lot of sense and help me to better understand why humans are reacting so incongruously by committing ecocide.

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