Top 5 Pieces of Writing by Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD

1) Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth (2023)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the climate emergency? This book can help. It takes readers on a journey of facing the truth, processing their intense climate feelings, and joining the movement to protect humanity.  

That’s why writer and director Adam McKay said in the foreword:  “I hope this book becomes as ubiquitous as Heimlich maneuver posters in restaurants.” 

Author Jessica Wildfire called it, “The only self-help book you will ever need to read.”  

Available now on Amazon and Bookshop.

2) New York Times Essay: If you are Anxious about the Climate: Try This (May, 2022)

We do know that climate despair and desperation lurk in the shadows all around us. In a 2021 global survey of 10,000 people ages 16 to 25 published in The Lancet Planetary Health, 56 percent said that humanity was doomed, and 45 percent said climate anxiety affected their daily lives…..

3) Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: a New Strategy for the Climate Movement. (2016)

Full length essay. Published 2016, updated 2019. Fun fact:  The Federalist credits Leading the Public into Emergency Mode as “writing the script for the play” of Extinction Rebellion and Sunrise!

4) The Transformative Power of Climate Truth: Ecological Awakening in the Trump Age (2017)

Full Length Essay/ Manifesto. Published 2015, updated 2017

5) Listen: Margaret on the Rich Roll Podcast

For those who prefer to listen to content, this was a great interview.