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I am a human, attempting to live in climate truth.

I know that climate change poses an imminent threat to our civilization, our species, and each of us individually. I know that the only possible solution to the problem is a waging a WWII-level war on climate change: a massive, government-led, society-wide mobilization. I know that, to achieve such a response, we need to coordinate a social and political movement.

I am the director of The Climate Mobilization, an organization of likeminded individuals– who are attempting to make the necessary possible and initiate WWII-scale climate mobilization.

Even though it is tempting to put the  terrifying knowledge of climate change out of mind, I strive to live the truth of what I know.  I strive to spread the word about the danger we humans are in, and the solution that we must implement together.  To put it another way: Humans, collectively, are committing passive suicide. Through this blog, and The Climate Mobilization, I am attempting to stage an intervention.

As a therapist, I help people recognize and think through the  tough realities of their lives. I provide a safe and supportive space where people can address issues that they may find too overwhelming or painful to face on their own. There are always emotional blocks to thinking clearly about  difficult situations, and I help people identify and remove those blocks. Talk therapy is extremely powerful. Once someone is  able to put his problems into words and to tolerate the painful feelings that those problems bring up, then he is empowered to take action implement solutions.

On this blog, I will attempt to perform the same functions for my readers–helping them to recognize, tolerate, talk about, and  think through the deeply frightening, painful truths of climate change. I hope to help readers convert their (sometimes latent) feelings of anxiety, terror, and despair over climate change into active social and political engagement.  Making the switch from climate change despair and depression to climate change activism is probably the best  thing I have ever done. I wake up in the morning thinking about climate change, but I am not thinking about destruction; I am thinking about action and intervention and coalition building. I am thinking about new ideas and blogging and e-mails and allies and fighting back! It doesn’t feel overwhelming and terrifying anymore.  It feels energizing and meaningful. It feels like hope.

I hold a BA from Harvard in Social Anthropology, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University.

I am a human attempting to live in climate truth and avert the worst catastrophe humanity has ever faced. I hope you join me.



Facebook: Margaret Klein Salamon

Twitter : @ClimatePsych

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  1. Hi Margaret,
    Thanks for this terrific website! I have gone through all sorts of emotional contortions in wrapping my mind around how to convince a largely ignorant public on the threats we face, and this effort of yours seems like it’s just what the doctor ordered. Onward!

  2. Thank you! What an excellent website. I am an Australian PhD student in Christian ethics at Edinburgh University and my topic is not unrelated to your work. I am looking at the negative and positive roles of climate fears in ethical deliberation and how to locate those fears in ways that are illuminating and motivating rather than paralysing. I emphasise some similar themes about the significance of honesty (including emotional honesty) and finding resources for facing and embracing uncomfortable emotions (not just fear, but also sorrow, horror, disappointment, guilt and anger) as part of a grieving process that leads from paralysis to action.

  3. Hi Margaret, I like your initiative and would be interested in setting up a similar movement in Australia. Are you linked in with Al Gore’s Climate Realty Project? I’m one of TCRP’s top Climate Leaders, and have just completed training (with Al) another 525 in Melbourne two weeks back. We have a particular battle going on here at this point of time being the only country in the world that is repealing a raft of climate action legislation put in place by our previous government. We need mobilisation on a massive scale to convince our conservative government that the people want action and not more coal mines……

  4. Hello Margaret, great interview on Radio Ecoshock and thanks for your work. I’ve been working for clean energy at the Public Utilities level for 10 years, and it’s a slog to get the regulators and utilities to recognize the dangers of climate change, a real uphill battle. Any advice most welcome.

  5. Greetings Margaret, Thank you so much for all your work. I live in France, where the climate denial is so thick and ubiquitous both the reality of Climate Change and the many forms its denial takes, are near invisible outside of a blessedly vocal minority. There are of course numerous factors, particular to French society, reinforcing the deafening silence – the omnipresence of the State, as either adversary or parent/protector, veneration of experts, the stigmatisation of realists as “hysterics,’ or “catastrophists,” the designation of Climate Change as an “environmental” problem and the amalgamation of “Environmentalism” with a political movement etc. The approach of COP21 here in Nov.-December is being treated like an international event being awarded to France somewhat like the Olympics or the World Cup. The most disheartening examples of this are apparent in the “marketing” of the conference, often difficult to differentiate from publicity for summer music festivals or department store sales. Anyway, thank you again for all your humanising work in discussing Climate Truth. Please keep on keeping on, all of us! All best wishes, Simeon Gallu

  6. Hi Margaret, I live in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada and really pleased to hear about your passion for the planet. I have been aware of our situation and still feel passive in some respect, but would like to know more about your strategy and how I can, perhaps, be a part of this mobilization. This option you presented sounded good; all the best to you.

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