Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement


After Donald Trump’s election, we at TCM went back to the drawing board. “How are we going to successfully commence climate mobilization under these insane political conditions?!” we asked. We devoted hundreds of hours to reading, conversation and study to attempt to answer this question.

I’m now excited to share some of the conclusions we came to, in the form of our Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement, developed collaboratively by The Climate Mobilization and authored by Anya Grenier.

For those looking for an even deeper dive, we are also publishing a 40-page version that includes an extended strategic analysis.

We hope you read this blueprint, share it widely, and talk about it with others. Then, we hope you’ll consider attending one of our newly launched Climate Emergency Movement trainings to learn the specifics of how to work with a local team to put it in action. (Information about our newly launched training program can be found here).


  1. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. BLUEPRINT FOR A CLIMATE EMERGENCY MOVEMENT An open source template for how a movement based in climate truth could build power sufficient to start an emergency mobilization against climate change.

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