Facing the Climate Emergency: Second Edition

The beloved, radical self-help book is back and better than ever, 

The 2nd edition of my book, Facing the Climate Emergency is revised and updated, focusing on disruptive activism and includes a Foreword by Adam McKay.  Author proceeds benefit Climate Emergency Fund.

Yes, we’re facing the catastrophic breakdown of our climate. But you don’t have to be paralyzed by your fear, grief, and other painful feelings. You can use your pain to transform yourself, your friends, and your world.You can become the hero humanity needs. This book will show you how.

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Nobody better understands both the state of the climate crisis and the ways we all delude ourselves into complacency than Margaret Klein Salamon. This book will wake you up, no matter how aware you think you are. Better still: it tells you what to do once you are awake. Read it!

David Wallace-Wells, New York Times Journalist and author The Uninhabitable Earth   

Our civilization is asleep at the wheel as we speed headlong towards an irrevocable precipice. Margaret Klein Salamon and her Climate Emergency Fund are on the front lines of transformative action commensurate with the crisis we are all facing. This book is an exhortation and a wake up call. Everyone should read it.


Facing the Climate Emergency brilliantly addresses a major gap in the movement space – a need to incorporate the psychological needs of the people who want to act, but are struggling to find their path.

We know from other struggles that fear and paralysis make injustice and harm possible – and maybe even inevitable. And that only when we cast off our fear, can we wield the power we need to win.

This book is precisely the antidote to hopelessness and despair that we need. I hope everyone reads it – our capacity to avert a dark future depends on it.


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  1. I have just found you and I wonder if you have seen the free You Tube documentary, “Eating Our Way to Extinction”. I think that a big part of the problem (some say this is just as much of the problem as the whole transportation system causes across the world) is animal production for human food. This problem includes all the land used for animal grazing and feed, all the manure produced, all the antibiotics used to keep animals alive in dirty conditions. It includes the loss of what else could be grown on the land, such as vegetable/fruit/grain for human food. It includes the loss of what could be reforested, forests being a counter to atmospheric carbon. It includes the waste of human potential and resources that feed the profits of medical and pharmaceutical systems which promote the standard American diet, rich in meat/dairy/processed food which cause chronic illness and early death of our population. So please watch the documentary if you haven’t, and also see and book and You Tube interviews, “Food is Climate” by Glen Merzer and by Dr. Sailesh Rao.

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