Movement Strategy Proposals

What is the best, most effective way to organize  a movement and fight climate change? What should the Human Climate Movement advocate, and how should we push for that advocacy?

I believe that this question should be open-sourced meaning that everyone is invited to share ideas with each other; to discuss strengths and weaknesses; to build off each other’s ideas. On this page I will post any serious, well researched proposals that address those questions. I will also post my own strategy ideas. You are invited to submit a proposal. You are also invited to ask someone who you particularly respect or who has special knowledge to submit a proposal.






  • Open source strategy discussions. Creating an open forum, and inviting contributions from the brilliant and influential will create a space where ideas can be critiqued, hybridized, and evaluated. It creates inclusion, accountability for movement leaders, and provides an opportunity for badly needed movement unification. Proposed by Margaret Klein


**Comprehensive proposals,  include both a political advocacy (how we should fight climate change once we muster the political will to do so) and an organizing strategy in order to create a social movement/ muster the political will in order to enact the advocacy. Partial proposals approach one element of organizing strategy. This could include, for example, ideas for how to target certain groups or types of people; or a specific type of organizing action that could be effective as part of a larger plan.


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