Pledge draft #3

I understand that climate change is the greatest menace that humanity has ever faced;that the combination of severe weather, droughts, floods, wildfires, vector borne disease, disruptions in the global food supply, and hundreds of millions of displaced people threaten to collapse civilization itself. I understand that the impacts of climate change are already happening, have already claimed hundreds of thousands of human lives, as well as caused the extinction of thousands of species. These impacts will continue to worsen unless massive reductions in emissions are undertaken.

I understand that, through denial and inaction, we are consigning future generations to lives of scarcity, chaos, and violence.

For these reasons, we have a moral, and strategic obligation to fight back. The United States must respond to climate change with a full societal and political mobilization, as we last did during WWII, when citizens, businesses, and government agencies dedicated themselves to  victory.

The mobilization against climate change will include: putting a price on carbon; shifting fossil fuel subsidies to subsidies for renewable energy sources; major investments in research and development; the reorientation of government agencies, including the military, to helping communities adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change; the creation of a “Citizens Climate Corps” that will assist in adaptation and mitigation projects; major shifts in agricultural practices; and reforestation efforts.

I understand that this mobilization— as well as mustering the political will to enact it— will be immensely challenging. But, I understand that it is our only hope of averting catastrophe.

Thus, I pledge:

*To forsake denial, minimization, and emotional numbing of climate change. I will live in climate truth, and spread that truth, and this Pledge, to others.

*To only give time or money to political candidates who have also signed this Pledge.

*To vote for candidates who have signed this Pledge, whenever they are running against candidates who have not signed.

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