State of the Blog: Request for Reader Assistance!

The Climate Psychologist opened to the public one week ago  with the publication of my article  “Living in Climate Truth”/  (alternatively titled) “Our Society is Living in a Massive Lie about the Threat of Climate Change—Its time to Wake Up.”

It has been an exciting start. Living in Climate Truth has been shared on FB over 1000 times! I am very pleased to see the blog so alive with  insightful and kind discussion. I have enjoyed hearing personally from several readers, several of whom have expressed great enthusiasm for my message. It is invigorating to have so many allies.

So thank you for the participation, the engagement, and the warm welcome.

I have a favor to ask. (It will not be the last!)

Can you help me expand my readership?

Not surprisingly, I have found running this blog to be very time consuming. There are so many things to do: writing, editing, responding to reader comments and e-mails, staying current with the blogosphere, continuing to read and discuss psychological/ political/ theoretical work, and one of the most time-consuming tasks: sending pitches of stories to editors and publications, and otherwise trying to expand my readership.

If the readers of this blog could assist me with getting my pieces published and distributed, that would be tremendous. It would allow me to devote more time to research, writing, and all of the other blog tasks.

I want to spread my message as far as possible. Here are the actions that would be particularly helpful:

1) Utilize your personal or professional network in order to introduce my work (or me) to editors, bloggers, or others who may be interested in publishing my articles.

2) Or, submit my work for me! Several of my blog posts are freestanding articles, and anything is fair game to publish, for free.  No venue is too small, and certainly none is too large 😉   If possible, avoid venues that will send climate denying trolls this way. Though I expect that is inevitable at some point. Feel free, and encouraged, to post my work on the DailyKos or similar user-generated blogs.

Some venues where particularly I aspire to publish: Salon, Grist, Rolling Stone, The Nation, Climate Desk, The Atlantic, Think Progress, and the New York Times. Please let me know other places I should try to publish.

 3) Discuss and link to my work in Comments on other climate blogs/ articles. You can also request that the website publish my work.

4) Facebook and Twitter!

5) If you have other message-spreading ideas, I would love hearing them!

It has been great to connect with so many allies through this blog. There is a really lovely energy here. Please help me spread the word far and wide. I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Until you pick up some denialist trolls, you will have no clout, and no respect.

    Trolls are how I found out about DeSmogBlog – because trolls lambasted it so, I had to see it.

    If you are not targeted, then you have no cred.

    People might want to know more about the professional climate denial machine –—the-Climate-Denial-Machine-vs-Climate-Science/
    Likely you might attract a new level of denier – one promoting further discussion (rather than action). Hmmm … promoting inaction by talking endlessly. — a client who talks but never changes?

    You might start things off by doing a personality assessment of Marc Morano and Anthony Watts, maybe Judith Curry too. Or the Koch brothers, or the Heartland Institute,

    Kind of a poke at the bears with a sharp stick. But if you are not going to make waves, you are just adrift and goin nowhere. Don’t you think?

  2. Margaret Klein

    Haha- you are probably right Re: trolls. Not looking forward to that, though. Richard, you ask very good questions, but they all require extensive answers! I plan on addressing strategy/ enemy/ ally issues very soon. Thanks for your thoughtful comments 🙂

  3. Dillon Culbreth

    I’m a little behind on my reading, maybe catching up tonight, and I’ve already been Facebook sharing with a fan and personal page along with some group shares, recieving some positive feedback.

    Just hit an article on Lord Rees and Geoengineering in a brief Facebook scroll;

    I know of some of the geoengineering models and have stayed current on the chemtrail/upper atmospheric particle deposition, as well as the Arctic Methane Emergency Group; and am still distributing hardback copies of Post Carbon Institute’s “ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth”. Wade deep enough in their site and you can hook up with it yourself, or contact me and I’ll be happy to provide a copy out of the ones I have left.

    Must catch up on my reading…
    Thanks for all you do (already)

  4. I suggest a cleaner access to past posts. I am not very computer savvy, just a boat builder, and find it tedious to go back to early posts.

    I am with Richard on the point of trolls. Preaching to the choir is a dead end. Part of the reason I addressed this sight is because I thought the premiss might show some edge in exploring the unknown legacy of violence bequeathed humanity by the socially enabled capitalistic paradigm. If you insist in pussy-footing around in the shadows you have already bequeathed failure.

    Violence begets violence and I abhor it in every form. As i stated on an earlier post, “”War becomes perpetual when used as a rational for peace,” Norman Solomon. “Peace becomes perpetual when used as a rational for survival.” Yours truly.

    It is not “Revolution” society need but R-love-ution. As the Beetles said those lifetimes ago, “All you need is Love, Love, Love, is all you need…”

    For a number of years now I have considered myself a “Gray Panther” however I an considering changing that to Green Panther. Perhaps Gray Green panther in reference to my 72 years in the trenches of fighting for humanity and Earth’s life support systems and witnessing exponential growth in rape and pillage of the commons subsidized with my tax dollars. Yours as well I would add.

    If you cannot take the heat you will need to stand back from the flames. When the biggest money in the world is denying complicity in the ecocide of the Planet you can be damn sure fur will fly.

    “I have seen the future and it is murder …” Leonard Cohan, “Future” penned ~ 20 years ago. I suggest to look it up and ponder. You- tube. Other worthy tunes of his, Mahatten, Democracy, and Anthem. Preferable in order. Leonard is also my age and still in the fight.

    Injustice ignored = Injustice condoned.


  5. Margaret Klein

    Thanks Leif– I will work on design issues for easier access. RE: capitalism/ the tone and audience for the blog, I have longer thoughts on that which I hope to get together soon for a longer post.

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  7. Nice analogy CP!
    Check out The Daily Show for Monday Jan 6th regarding global warming.

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