The Science of Climate Crisis: Recount by David Spratt

The Climate Mobilization has been very influenced by David Spratt and Philip Sutton, our allies in Australia. Their book, Climate Code Red, Spratt’s ongoing work on the blog Climate Code Read, and Sutton’s expert counsel helped us arrive at the ambitious, necessary targets in the Pledge to Mobilize.

Well, David Spratt has a new piece out, and its a must-read.

Recount: Time to Do the Math, Again

In this paper, Spratt forcefully challenges the assumptions held by most climate activists and organizations: that 2 degrees C of warming is the “safe limit,” and that there is still carbon “in the budget” that we can safely use.

Spratt shows, and The Climate Mobilization strongly agrees, that these assumptions are outdated, over-optimistic, and dangerous. There is no burnable carbon left; we must reduce our emissions at emergency speed. 

If you agree, consider signing the Pledge to Mobilize and helping us initiate a global climate mobilization.




  1. I think David ought to get this published in Rolling Stone, where the original math was done!!!

  2. Lewis Gannett

    I agree that this should appear in Rolling Stone. Call it “The New Math.” Every effort should be made to limit wiggle room at the upcoming conference in Paris, so that we don’t in fact get de facto acceptance of 2C+.

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