The Climate Psychologist, now on Video and Radio

I have been very busy planning 6.14 National Climate Mobilization Day, in which Mobilizers in more than 15 US cities, as well as Paris and Mexico, demand WWII scale climate mobilization! Join us! Take the Pledge to Mobilize from me!

But I wanted to let Climate Psychologist readers know that I have some new material– and that I am expanding into video and audio 🙂 So check out this presentation video and interview with me 🙂



I am very pleased that my Introduction to The Climate Mobilization presentation at Left Forum was captured by a talented citizen videographer Wilton Vought for his website “Other Voices, Other Choices” where he hosts the videos for download by public access TV channels.

It is now available on The Climate Mobilization’s YouTube.


I was interviewed about TCM by Alex Smith for Radio Ecoshock, which played on 87 college, independent, and commercial channels and is available for download.



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