Climate Mobilization Presentation: Saturday

This Saturday, the night before the People’s Climate March, the Climate Mobilization will be having our first public meeting. I will be giving a presentation, Ezra Silk and Ryan Brill, the other cofounders, will also speak. Then we will have Pledge giving and a strategy discussion based on the question, “How can each of us most effectively fight climate change?”

The event will be taking place at the William Alanson White Institute— 20 W 74th st NYC. This is the psychoanalytic institute where I worked halftime last year, completing my clinical internship. It is a terrific clinical program, and unafraid to apply psychoanalytic insight into politics. Erich Fromm, one of its founders, and a personal hero, was a leader in the anti-war movement, as well as in the disarmament, anti-nuclear weapons movement. I am very pleased to be presenting in a place with such a rich history. (And, a place that I spent time for a year– so I have a bit of a “home field advantage!)

I am excited, if a little nervous, about this event! I hope you can join! If you won’t be in NYC, we are hoping to have a LiveSteam, so you can watch it at home.

Please RSVP if you can come!

Only 90 spots available!

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  1. As you know, I won´t be able to be there, since I´m on the opposite side of the planet, but I´ll definitely be with you in spirit. Also I want you to know, that the reading of some of Erich Fromm´s books was essential in making me decide to become a psychologist. Sending you my love and best wishes for this once in a lifetime event. Hoping that the world will soon open it´s eyes and hearts to the urgency of this challenge. Your Ally, Hans, Norway.

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