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Reflections on Mobilization: Video of Me and Ezra

While in Iowa for The Climate Mobilization’s highly successful Climate Emergency Caucus, Ezra Silk and I took some time to reflect on how The Climate Mobilization got started,  and the theoretical and moral underpinnings of our efforts. One issue that kept coming up was the Holocaust, which is personally meaningful to both of us.

Ezra and I are rarely in the same room, so this was a great opportunity to talk. We are lucky that Jaw Wilson, dedicated climate mobilizer and videographer, was in Iowa filming.

Let me know what you think!


Climate Mobilization Presentation: Saturday

This Saturday, the night before the People’s Climate March, the Climate Mobilization will be having our first public meeting. I will be giving a presentation, Ezra Silk and Ryan Brill, the other cofounders, will also speak. Then we will have Pledge giving and a strategy discussion based on the question, “How can each of us most effectively fight climate change?”

The event will be taking place at the William Alanson White Institute— 20 W 74th st NYC. This is the psychoanalytic institute where I worked halftime last year, completing my clinical internship. It is a terrific clinical program, and unafraid to apply psychoanalytic insight into politics. Erich Fromm, one of its founders, and a personal hero, was a leader in the anti-war movement, as well as in the disarmament, anti-nuclear weapons movement. I am very pleased to be presenting in a place with such a rich history. (And, a place that I spent time for a year– so I have a bit of a “home field advantage!)

I am excited, if a little nervous, about this event! I hope you can join! If you won’t be in NYC, we are hoping to have a LiveSteam, so you can watch it at home.

Please RSVP if you can come!

Only 90 spots available!

You can RSVP on





My grandfather, William Klein, was a meteorologist. (Climate awareness runs in the family, I suppose.) He was a big shot in the field of statistical forecasting, inventing the “Klein Factor”  which, was a very important factor that had to do with humidity. He got his PhD from MIT and for his final year, he lived in Cambridge,  while his wife and two sons (including my father) lived outside of Washington DC. On the day that he defended his dissertation, he sent my grandmother a telegram with one sentence, which I am very excited to say to you now:

“Call me doctor.”

Yes,  after 5 years of hard work, I have completed my PhD program! I am currently winding down with my final patients, working with them for about 15 hours a week, but starting in August, I will be full time working on The Climate Mobilization. I am sad to be leaving the world of clinical psychology (for now, anyway) , but I am extremely pleased with the education I received and know that it contributes invaluably to my climate work.

I have never felt as engaged with anything as I do with The Climate Mobilization.I feel it is what I was born to do, what I must do, and now– what I will do. All the time.

Below is my favorite picture from the graduation ceremony, featuring me, my mom Angie, and my little nephew Josh.

photo (1)

In lieu of presents (heehee) please donate to The Climate Mobilization’s Indiegogo campaign   (Only 1 week left!)

Your ally,

Dr. Margaret Klein