My grandfather, William Klein, was a meteorologist. (Climate awareness runs in the family, I suppose.) He was a big shot in the field of statistical forecasting, inventing the “Klein Factor”  which, was a very important factor that had to do with humidity. He got his PhD from MIT and for his final year, he lived in Cambridge,  while his wife and two sons (including my father) lived outside of Washington DC. On the day that he defended his dissertation, he sent my grandmother a telegram with one sentence, which I am very excited to say to you now:

“Call me doctor.”

Yes,  after 5 years of hard work, I have completed my PhD program! I am currently winding down with my final patients, working with them for about 15 hours a week, but starting in August, I will be full time working on The Climate Mobilization. I am sad to be leaving the world of clinical psychology (for now, anyway) , but I am extremely pleased with the education I received and know that it contributes invaluably to my climate work.

I have never felt as engaged with anything as I do with The Climate Mobilization.I feel it is what I was born to do, what I must do, and now– what I will do. All the time.

Below is my favorite picture from the graduation ceremony, featuring me, my mom Angie, and my little nephew Josh.

photo (1)

In lieu of presents (heehee) please donate to The Climate Mobilization’s Indiegogo campaign   (Only 1 week left!)

Your ally,

Dr. Margaret Klein


  1. Congratulations, Dr. Klein!!

  2. Barb Coddington

    It’s going take a whole lot of “medicine” to fix what’s going on here {with CC}

  3. Congratulations Margaret!
    It is sooo encouraging to hear you will be devoting your time to your great climate project.
    I suggest we need a way to get people to apply their democratic right/power on the climate change emergency. With climate morale such as it is I doubt many people are politically active on stopping GHG pollution.
    In the old days of the nuke war movement we got a lot of publicity and demoratic encouragement by applying municipal resolutions for declarations of nuke free zones, so that nuclear weapons and material could not be transported as easily.
    .While it was mainly symbolic it generated lots of publicity and allowed us to confront our aggressive opponents in civic and media debate.

    I think the time is now right to start a Zero carbon town and city movement.
    What do you think?


  4. Congratulations, Margaret!

  5. Margaret Klein

    Thanks everyone! Peter– I like your idea. Another possibility is that City councils, (as well as student governments, professional associations, NGOs, etc) could pass resolutions supporting the Pledge to Mobilize, demanding a WWII scale mobilization to fight climate change…

  6. Congratulations Margaret. I´m very happy for you, hoping the your new title will bring you and the climate extra advantages for our common battles for the future. I´m full of joy that you count me among your allies, and, like you, – as you probably know – there´s nothing more important to me than the the mobilization to fight climate change. I wish I had a lot of excess money to donate to the cause, but since I don´t, the best I can do is to tell you that I´m with you all the way with all of me for the rest of my life in this battle. As long as I´m mentally and physically able to. Giving up is not an option, and we are both privileged in having our entire time available. When it comes to clinical work, I believe that there´s a lot to be done preparing people mentally for coming disasters and trying to make a transition to a different set of values from the typical growth-and-consumerism set. Working psychologically with peoples anxieties and denial mechanisms related to climate change will probably also become a new field of clinical praxis. Also there´s a lot to be done teaching children and young ones via the school systems about the hard facts we´re facing, hoping that in turn may put pressure on their parents to elect the right politicians. In addition to making the children able to better prepare for the future.

    Finally: Once more: Congratulations, Doctor. I´m happy for your accomplishment and for having you as a friend and ally.

    Hans Jorgen, Narvik, Norway.

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