Yale Poll: Millions of Americans Would Take a Climate Pledge!

Ever wonder: “Who would sign the Pledge to Mobilize? Could such an idea ever get mainstream traction?”

This is a crucial question, that Yale’s Climate Change Communication team has helped answer! Their just-released poll shows that:

“Millions of registered voters* would sign a pledge to vote for, would work for, or would give money to candidates who share their views on global warming – if asked to by a person they like and respect.”

* 7% of Americans said that they would DEFINITELY sign such a pledge and 20% said that they PROBABLY would!

Did these pollsters know about the Pledge to Mobilize, or did they come up with a very similar idea on their own? I guess brilliant minds think alike 🙂 Either way– there is no doubting the efficacy that Pledges have had on political campaigns throughout history– from the Pledge to end Chinese foot binding that ended a 1000 year old tradition in a generation, to the “Commitment Card” written by Martin Luther Kind JR,  in which signers “hereby pledge myself—my person and body—to the nonviolent movement.” and agreed to ten stringent commandments on their behavior, to the “No tax Pledge” created by Grover Norquist which has effectively put a straitjacket on our political process.

We hope that the Pledge to Mobilize, with its psychologically and technologically savvy features, will be the most effective pledge yet. And what great news to learn that millions of Americans are ready to sign!

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*Will you be in NYC for the People’s Climate March? We will be spreading the Pledge in a major way during that weekend. Get in touch and you can be part of our action team!

*Are you a climate policy nerd (or an energy/ agriculture/ refugee/ medical policy nerd?) TCM cofounder Ezra Silk is starting a Mobilization Plans Working group. We have a great lineup of experts– both self taught and institutionally trained– and think the process of developing specific mobilization plans will be an exciting experience.  Get in touch and tell us about your interest!


My grandfather, William Klein, was a meteorologist. (Climate awareness runs in the family, I suppose.) He was a big shot in the field of statistical forecasting, inventing the “Klein Factor”  which, was a very important factor that had to do with humidity. He got his PhD from MIT and for his final year, he lived in Cambridge,  while his wife and two sons (including my father) lived outside of Washington DC. On the day that he defended his dissertation, he sent my grandmother a telegram with one sentence, which I am very excited to say to you now:

“Call me doctor.”

Yes,  after 5 years of hard work, I have completed my PhD program! I am currently winding down with my final patients, working with them for about 15 hours a week, but starting in August, I will be full time working on The Climate Mobilization. I am sad to be leaving the world of clinical psychology (for now, anyway) , but I am extremely pleased with the education I received and know that it contributes invaluably to my climate work.

I have never felt as engaged with anything as I do with The Climate Mobilization.I feel it is what I was born to do, what I must do, and now– what I will do. All the time.

Below is my favorite picture from the graduation ceremony, featuring me, my mom Angie, and my little nephew Josh.

photo (1)

In lieu of presents (heehee) please donate to The Climate Mobilization’s Indiegogo campaign   (Only 1 week left!)

Your ally,

Dr. Margaret Klein

“Launch The Climate Mobilization” Fundraiser (and slideshow!)

Allies-I have exciting news. The Climate Mobilization is very close to launch. Only one hurdle stands in our way from having TCM website built and beginning to spread the Pledge to Mobilize: we need to raise approximately $20,000 to pay for the design, programming, and other miscellaneous launch expenses.

To accomplish this, we have begun an IndieGoGo campaign: Launch the Climate Mobilization.  If you could consider contributing and spreading the word about The Climate Mobilization, and our fundraising campaign, that would be terrific.  The campaign will only run until 7/22, so act now!

We have also developed a slideshow, which provides an overview of The Climate Mobilization and the Pledge to Mobilize.   You can watch the slideshow below, or view on full screen (It looks better on full screen!). So let me know what you think and thank you very much!